At Air Knife Systems, we take pride in crafting a line-up of blowers that meets the needs of a wide range of industries. Our High Performance (HP) 315 Blowers are specifically designed to excel on high-volume, high-speed production lines. Additionally, we offer a selection of industry-standard centrifugal and side channel blowers suitable for any application.

We are committed to delivering exceptional power efficiency and compact designs in our blower products. Our blower range includes various sizes, encompassing centrifugal and side channel (SC) models, ranging from 0.2kW to 7kW. For high-performance applications, we offer blowers in the 7.5kW to 15kW range.

  • HP 315 Blower 7.5kW-15kW
  • SC Blower 0.2kW-7kW
  • Drying systems South Africa
  • Industrial blowers Pretoria
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