The Objective:

The Sustainability Plan ensures all business activities which have a negative effect on the environment are so managed and that their impacts are prevented, minimised or mitigated.

Key Responsibilities of the Sustainability Plan:

To preserve our natural resources and reduce emissions. Air Knife Systems (Pty) Ltd ensures all employees are familiar and comply within the company Sustainability Plan. We ensure all our employees are familiar with all on site housekeeping and recycling procedures and that these procedures are followed accordingly.

Annual Objectives

  • Reduce Greenhouse Emission by
    • Walking instead of driving to desired destination on site.
    • Share lifts in vehicles.
  • Use rain tank harvested water whenever possible.
  • Use paper sparingly and recycle printer paper whenever possible.
  • Switch off all electric appliances and lights when not in use.
  • Design and manufacture machinery that are energy efficient.
  • Install energy efficient light bulbs and use natural light whenever possible.
  • Recycle paper, glass, can waste.
  • Reduce packaging costs by repurposing packaging.

Paper and Cardboard:

  • Recycle of printed paper whenever possible for scrap paper and note pads.
  • Waste cardboard boxes are efficiently recycled into transportation packaging to help minimize waste.
  • Invoices are done electronically to help minimize the use of unnecessary paper.

Product Impact:

  • The use of natural air in our machines rather than compressed significantly reduces energy usage in the production of products.
  • Materials used to manufacture and assemble our machines are non-hazardous and are not made of environmental threatening compounds such as lead, mercury and chromium.
  • At least 97% of our machines are recyclable or reusable once our machine lifecycle is complete.

Recycling of Waste:

  • All employees are encouraged to dispose of paper, plastic and cans in designated bins which are in turn disposed of at a local recycling depot.
  • Reduction, reuse and recycling of paper waste, cans, glass, and ink cartridges is encouraged to all staff by the placement of recycle specific bins in the waste disposal area.
  • Electronic and electrical equipment waste is given away to those less fortunate if in working condition and disposed of at the local municipal recycling depot.
  • All scrap metal is sorted through and handed over to responsible scrap metal dealers in turn reducing land fill waste.