Econo DB 

2B Line-Side


Air Knife Systems manufactures a range of enclosures to protect the blower and controls on the production line, keeping your investment in good condition and working order.

In this product line we have a range of models in various sizes, shapes and power outputs. We are able to create these systems without losing any efficiency or reliability. These enclosures are financially cost effective as less material is used in manufacturing the enclosures and are space saving on the production floor.

Enclosure range:

  • 1B line-side

1 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • 2B line-side 

2 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • 3B line-side

3 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • Econo DB

1 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • Econo 2kW & 4kW

1 x SC 2kW Blower

1 x SC 4kW Blower

  • Airknife Enclosure
  • Airknife Enclosure
  • Airknife Enclosure
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