1B Line-Side  

Econo DB 

2B Line-Side


Air Knife Systems takes pride in producing a comprehensive selection of enclosures designed to safeguard your blowers and control systems on the production line, ensuring the longevity and performance of your investments.

Within our enclosure product line, you’ll find an assortment of models available in various sizes, shapes and power capacities. We are adept at customising these systems without compromising efficiency or reliability. Not only are these enclosures a cost-effective solution, but they also offer space-saving benefits on the production floor thanks to their streamlined design that minimises material usage.

Enclosure range:

  • 1B Line-Side 

1 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • 2B Line-Side

2 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • 3B Line-Side

3 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • Econo DB

1 x HP315 15kW Blower

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