2B Craft/Vino

Craft/Vino Drying Tunnel

the Craft Drying Tunnel and the Vino Drying Tunnel, specially designed to cater to the unique needs of the craft brewery and craft winery industries.

The Craft and/or Vino Drying Tunnel are engineered with precision, featuring a compact design that optimises space usage on your production floor. These tunnels are tailored for slower line speeds, offering exceptional performance for craft beverage producers. Their lighter construction not only ensures efficient operation but also allows for ease of installation and manoeuvrability.

These drying tunnels are the perfect choice for those in the craft brewery and winery sectors looking to enhance their production processes while enjoying the benefits of a smaller footprint, efficiency and reliability.

Our Craft/Vino Drying Tunnels range:

  • 1B Craft/Vino

1 x HP315 15kW Blower

  • 2B Craft/ Vino

2 x HP315 15kW Blower

What are the key differences between our Premium and Craft/Vino range?

  • Premium Tunnels offer full line automation, Craft Tunnels have simple on/off run functions.
  • The Craft Tunnels offer a smaller machine footprint.
  • The Craft Tunnels are lighter in construction.
  • Premium Tunnels are ideal for higher volume lines.
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